Sinergia Language Institute - Via di Spregamore, 363 - 00134 Roma - P.IVA 13706751008 Translations Translating is the best job in the world, and we work with over 30 languages. We've worked in this industry for many years and are translators ourselves, as well as managing our company. Therefore, we are perfectly aware of what translating means, as well as of the necessary commitment, dedication, studies and constant research required by this job, also because technology will never be able to replace human sensibility. We are true perfectionists, and much of our work consists of proofreading translated texts. We like feeling linguistic balance and harmony in a text, because they give sense to the words we read and illuminate the paths of communication. That communication which becomes shared meanings rather than shared words, and the possibility of granting access to contents otherwise inaccessible to us. Our work consists of making sure that language becomes a communication portal and not a barrier. “In short translation tends to express the most intimate relationship between languages.” Walter Benjamin